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Developing content strategies, researching, drafting and fine-tuning copy and concepts to promote your project and business. Getting your dreams, ambitions, and services among your target audience.

Tailored online and offline copywriting that fits your communication strategy and  style. SEO and UX optimized content for digital media.

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Digital Copywriting

UX Writing & SEO
Content Strategy
Blog Post Writing
E-Mail Marketing

Text Creation & Editing

Press Releases

Book Editing
Degree Theses

Concept & Grant Applications

Editing & Structuring of Grant Proposals
Research on Grants

Case Studies & Research

Desk Studies
Content Research
Fact Sheets


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Writing, editing, and aligning texts to diverse audiences for different purposes have always been a part of my work. In doing so, I have learned that less is often more. The right choice of words and straightforward statements in and of texts is essential. Thus, I won't stop asking questions, persistent but gentle, till I get right to the core.

I have 17+ years of in-depth professional experience in agriculture, working in research, education, and project management. As a down-to-earth enthusiast, I've initiated several projects, such as A Young Farmer's Vision and umdieweltessen.

Since 2018, I've dedicated myself to helping passionate individuals and projects to realize their visions, primarily by writing and editing copy for communication, grant applications, and conceptual purposes, especially in arts and agricultural topics. Throughout these years, I have specialized in SEO, UX writing, and digital marketing.

Some say that I bring excellent analytical and conceptual skills and always pay attention to details. And that they are happy to work with a hands-on person who reliably grasps the core and the overall picture of even complex subject matter and transforms it into text.



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